chopped steel fiber

Release Date:2019-06-19 14:18

Five Advantages Of Products

  • 稳定的生产工艺
  • 良好的品质
  • 合适的价格
  • 非常好的地理位置
  • 优秀的人才

Product Details

We posses the latest technology,pay attention to the renovation of the technics and we try to bring all the power of the same business and to be the leader of the steel industrial.Meanwhile we maintain fantastic cooperation relationship with a lot of famous factories both domestic and abroad.

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Shanghai Nanyu Friction Materials Co. Ltd..

Name: 尹赵凯

Job Title: 经理

Department: 市场部

Company Phone: 0512-53436100

E-mail: Contact Us

Mobile Phone: 15962281900


Address: NO.4-6,Fenggan Road,Shuangfeng Town,Taicang City, JiangSu Province,China.

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