Yiyi Wholesale YAG Automatic Laser Welding Machine with Four Axes

Release Date:2019-07-03 15:47

Five Advantages Of Products

  • Professional manufacturer for 12 years.
  • Four-axis linkage processing, accurate is and speed is fast. Laser welding software system is Professional.
  • Four-axis linkage processing, accurate is and speed is fast.
  • Blue CCD control device will not flash when it work.Water chiller is split type and high purity.
  • Laser is high quality and imported metal and ceramic laser cavity. lead screw and guide rails are imported from Taiwan

Product Details

Shenzhen YiYi Machinery Co., Ltd.

Yiyi Wholesale YAG Automatic Laser Welding Machine With Four Axes For Hardware



Controlling way: Automatic

Laser: YAG laser

PowerAC220V, 12kw


Packing: Wooden Packing

Axes: Four Axes

2) Application

Welding of stainless steel frame, β-titanium frame wire, nail, sheet, slingshot welding iron, stainless steel, alloy copper, titanium and other hardware accessories.

3) Packing &Shipping

1. Standard wood case, its compressive strength and bearing quality is better. it is better in leakproofness and waterproof.

2. The plywood case is with fumigation-free, the procedure is simple.

3.  Delivery Detail: within 10 days after received your payment

4.  Accepting OEM ODM.


4) FAQ

1. A: Can I get a machine according to my own requirements?

    B: Sure.We can change the type and color and appearance of the machine according to your preferences and requirements, so that we can satisfy you.


2. A: I am a new machine operator. Do you provide training?

    B: Don't worry. Our company provides free training for every customer until the church.


3. A: My machine is broken. Can you repair it for me?

    B: Of course.If there is any trouble with your machine, don't worry. We will arrange our professional maintenance staff to repair the machine until it is repaired.


4. A: What's the quality of your machine?

   B:Yes, our machine adopts heavy lathe bed, and each part is processed by fine machining, which greatly improves the accuracy of machine operation.

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