Wrist Wood Watch And Best Leather Valentine Couples Wrist Watch

Release Date:2019-11-08 17:02

Five Advantages Of Products

  • Directly factory sales with reasonable price and quality warranty
  • Can make your own brand on the dial/case back/strap/buckle
  • Many designs/models are available for your choice
  • Can develop the new watch models based on your picture/spec
  • ananlysing different market -- competitive price

Product Details

Wrist Wood Watch And Best Leather Valentine Couples Wrist Watch

Product Detail

Watch name :Best leather wood watch 

Dial diaplay :Pointer 

Application :Own use,gift/present,promotion and etc 

Material :Wood case plus leather band 

Logo :Engraved logo or printed  

Fits :For mens Packing Paper box or wood box 

Shipping :DHL,Fedex,UPS,shipping agent and etc


1.Pure natural sandalwood wood grain dial, case, wood gentle, hard.Soft leather strap, interpretation of extraordinary charm.

2.Wooden color leather watchband, high-grade stainless steel smooth buckle more highlight your personality, waterproof daily life, do not have to worry about frequent trouble to wear.

Our comapny advantage

specialized  experience of watch-- professional service!

follow up within 24 hours -- high effeciency reply!

big manufactories long-term cooperate -- high quality!

ananlysing different market -- competitive price!

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