Wooden Folding Sling Chair For Children

Release Date:2020-01-14 22:24

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Product Details

Product Description

Name:Wooden Folding Sling Chair For Children

Item No.SK-A001

Size:Folding Size:  95.5x49x3.5cm

Design:Usually use our current design,but if you have your own design and size we also can make it

Material:New Zealand pine,Natural Solid Black walnut,Sapele,Rubber wood, Beech wood,Africa teakwood

Handle:POF wrape.and export carton

Delivery time:It will depend on order quantity and when you place order. Normal it will need 25-45 days

Logo:we can print or laser your logo on wooden or fabric

Package:5 layers export quality of cardboard master cartons

Color:Natural wood color, paint food grade varnish or brush Oil

Sample:You need to pay for samples cost and delivery cost

Export Seaport:Shanghai Or Ningbo

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