Wholesale Customized Bridal Gown Dust Bag Wedding Gown Garment Bag

Release Date:2020-01-07 13:54

Five Advantages Of Products

  • Breathable Non Woven Material
  • Transparent Organza Material
  • Comfortable Carrying Handles
  • Small MOQ
  • Customized LOGO are welcome

Product Details

Wholesale Customized Bridal Gown Dust Bag Wedding Gown Garment Bag

Small Size: 160x58x20cm

Large Size: 180x58x20cm

1, Breathable and lightweight non-woven fabric material. 

2, Big enough for storing wedding/ party/ christening/ graduation/ prom gown/ dance dress. even for trumpet/ mermaid dresses or long train. 

3, This is the best cloth expandable pretty delicate garment holder for ladies and girls, it can be used for other purposes too! It makes the perfect bridesmaid, pageant, christening, evening, graduation and formal ball gown storage cover set! What is more, you can use it to safely store your dresses, leathers, robe, furs, suits and more! 

4, Smooth sturdy zippers, zip and unzip easily and Two strong handles behind the back, you can folding the garment storage bag and hook on to the hanger, perfect for transporting or hanging in closet while traveling. 

5, Easy to carry! You can fold it into carrying bag. The front of the bag is transparent, you can see everything clear.

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