Wholesale Children's Customizable Sports Health Insoles (ACF)

Release Date:2019-11-12 15:23

Five Advantages Of Products

  • With Super Shock Absorption Up to 90%
  • Long Wear Non-odor Deodorizing Function
  • Obvious Antibacterial Effect
  • Breathing Does Not Make The Feet Sultry
  • Environmentally Friendly Materials

Product Details

The ACF Super Insole is made from high-tech new materials developed by ACF Labs. It has a powerful cushioning and shock absorption function, which can absorb more than 90% of the impact force generated by the collision between the ground and the sole of the foot, and can protect the human skeleton from damage. The ACF insole has been continually improved and designed through more than 20,000 experiments, and its comfort is very good and the shape is ergonomic. The ACF insole is also designed with a bow-footed insole for flat-legged patients to make the patient walk more comfortable and more stable.

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