WE604 Automatic Edge Banding Machine

Release Date:2020-07-16 10:09

Five Advantages Of Products

  • A wide range of applications, can seal veneer and be used in a variety of panel furniture.
  • The machine uses Delta touch screen, one-touch operation, easy to use, and equipped with Korean Autonics temperature controller to ensure the accuracy and durability.
  • All electronic & pneumatic parts use Schneider, AirTac and other well-known brands, safe and stable, accurate and efficient
  • Powerful high frequency motors guarantees best finish of the edge.
  • The automatic lubrication system makes the machine life longer, operates safely.

Product Details

Model: WE604

Function: Gluing End cutting & Fine trimming & Scraping & Buffing.

Technical Data

Model power: 8kw

Overall size: 4000*1000*1600mm ( L*M*H )

Feed speed: 12/16/20 m/min

Edge thickness: 0.4-3mm

Panel thickness: 10-60mm

Panel length: ≥150mm

Panel width: ≥80mm

Working pressure: 0.6MPa

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