VGA+Stereo Audio to AV Converter Support 1080P

Release Date:2020-03-26 09:31

Five Advantages Of Products

  • Conversion:It could convert PC’s VGA video and stereo audio into CVBS+R/L Audio;
  • Easy to Use:Install in seconds, no need of setting;
  • Support resolution:480i/p,576p,720p,1080i/p,1920x1200;
  • Extend the transmission distance and improve transmission signal;
  • Compatible with DVI by using HDMI to DVI adapter;

Product Details

1.0 Introduction

This kind of the Converter is a VGA video converter. It converts VGA and Stereo input into AV Output to allow PC users to show their image not only on the PC’s monitor, but could also on TV, to have a large display. The conversion is along with the audio.

Converter offers solutions for digital entertainment center, HDTV retail and show site, HDTV, STB, DVD and Projector factory, noise space and security concerns, data center control, information distribution, conference room presentation, school and corporate training environments.


2.0 Features

The series of the video Converter have many features that enable them to perform in a superior manner. among those features you will find:

1.Conversion:It could convert PC’s VGA video and stereo audio into CVBS+R/L Audio;

2.Easy to Use:Install in seconds, no need of setting;

4.Support resolution:480i/p,576p,720p,1080i/p,1920x1200;

5.Extend the transmission distance and improve transmission signal;

6.Compatible with DVI by using HDMI to DVI adapter;

7.Metal casing design and overall shielding without signal interference.


3.0 Packaging accessories:

Before attempting to use this unit, please check the packaging and make sure the following items are contained in the shipping carton:

1. VGA to AV Converter----------------------------------------1Pcs

2. 5V DC Power Adaptor---------------------------------------1Pcs

3. User Manual---------------------------------------------------1Pcs


4.0 Specifications

Input Video Signal------------------------0.5-1.0 volts p-p

Input DDC Signal-------------------------5 volts p-p (TTL)

Maximum Single Link   Range------------------------------1920x1200, 1080P

Output Video------------------------480I 576I


640x480 60Hz 72Hz   75Hz

800x600 60Hz 72Hz   75Hz

1024x768 60Hz 70Hz   75Hz

1280x1024 60Hz

1920x1200 60Hz


Frequency----------------------------------------Up to165MHz

Video Amplifier   Bandwidth---------------------------1.65Gpbs/165MHz





Limited Warranty-------------------------------------1 Year Parts and   Labor

Operating   Temperature------------------------------0 to +70

Operating Humidity---------------------------------10% to 85 % RH (no   condensation)

Storage Temperature-----------------------    -10 to +80

Storage Humidity------------------------------5% to 95 % RH (no   condensation)

External Power   Supply--------------------------DC 5V 1A

Converter Unit--------------------CE,FCC,ROHS

Power Supply-----------------------CE,FCC,PSE,TK,UL

AC Power Adapter------------------US standard, UK   standard and so on

User Manual--------------------------------English Version

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