Side of the air condensing unit

Release Date:2019-10-09 10:19

Five Advantages Of Products

  • Shell subjected to rigorous salt spray test , coupled with high and corrosion spray coating ,and the unit can withstand live in harsh outdoor working enviroment.
  • Elegant apperance ,stable and reliable.
  • Crew salection of an efficient ,low-power 6-pole motor ,low noise,large air volume,cooling effect is good.
  • Voltage:220v,380v
  • Horsepower:2HP-15HP

Product Details

We use raw materials are domestic and foreign well-known enterprise products, in the production process will not cut corners, in strict accordance with the standard process, can be customized according to the different needs of customers, to meet the customer's various indicators of products, thoughtful service to make you feel at ease and our cooperation!We look forward to your coming!

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