SANZO Black Stem Lismore Balloon Wine Glass Handmade Lead Free Crystal Engraved Glasses Thick Glasses

Release Date:2019-10-19 12:22

Five Advantages Of Products

  • Crystal
  • Customer's Logo
  • Mouthblown
  • Provided
  • Party, home, wedding, etc

Product Details

Product Name :Handmade personalized custom stemmed crystal large goblet red wine glassProduct 

Type :Wine Glass

Material :Lead-free Crystal Glass

Technics :Handmade Blown

Package :1 or 6 PCS packaged in 1 inner box, and 24 PCS packaged in 1 carton

Care :Dishwasher Safe

Application :Home & Party & Bar & Resturant

Imagine, if life in many a set of glasses, life more than just a taste, much a few minutes to enjoy, nature also much a few minutes appeal, and let your heart be full of pride, and elegant and special, that the glass must be right for you.

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