Racing Simulator VR Machine Global hot sale theme park equipment three-axle vr racing car

Release Date:2019-09-25 14:41

Five Advantages Of Products

  • high quality
  • Wonderful films
  • vivid special effects
  • dramatic appearance
  • Low input, fast return, high popularity

Product Details

1. Real-time feedback game image
2. Scientific and technological design
3. Rich movies content
4. Multi-functional experience game
5. Professional safety seat

Q1 : How many movies included ? And how about the update ?
A: we offer total 3 pcs , all is included inside the machine and price, no need to buy and pay extra; And about the update, we would keep updating for customers if we have new and good contents available, it's also free during the warranty period and our service team will remote and operate with customers by Team Viewer software.

Q2 : How long and how clear about the contents ?

A: The time for contents is about 3 to 5 minutes and all contents is 1K to 2K, most of them is 2K ( 2560x1440 ), it's very clear.

Q3 : Is there any place could make the record to see how many people play one day ?

A: Yes, there's one consumer statistic function inside our system, that mean we could check all records there, such as what date,which movie, what time, how many guests & total guests, which it's safe for our management.

Q4 : What's the currency(amp) need to set up for 1 machine ?

A: Take 9D VR chair 2 seats for example, normal machine working power is 1200W, so if local voltage is 110V, so suggestion safety
currency is 15A

Q5 : Do need any installation when receive machine ?

A: We assemble all well before delivery, no need any installation, that mean when customer receive the goods, just follow our attached user manual, which plug the power and open all computers, then can play.

Q6 : How is the package in the transportation ?
A: Pack in wooden box to avoid damage during delivery. Fully protection.

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