Portable gas cooker BDZ-160

Release Date:2019-08-24 16:37

Five Advantages Of Products

  • Automatic high pressure protection
  • colors are optional
  • portable
  • Certificate: CE
  • can be degisned flexibly by client

Product Details

H.S. Code: 732111
Shape: Curved
Material: Cold rolled steel
Thickness: 0.5mm
Burner: Aluminum plated steel plate
Size: 330 x 295 x 100 mm
Capacity: 168g/hr
Finish: Black painting
Cartridge: 220g butane cartridge, not included
Piezo ignition
Automatic high pressure protection
Certificate: CE
Weight: 1.7Kg
Packaging: Polybag, plastic carry case, color sleeve, shrinking pp bag
Items in master carton: 6pcs

Master carton dimensions: 576x356x326mm
Master carton cube (cbm): 0.069cbm
Master carton weight (kg): 15kg

Loading Qty (20'/40'/40'HQ): 2682/5538/6330 pcs
MOQ: 2682pcs
Lead time: 45 days

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