PCD compacts for petroleum drill bits

Release Date:2020-05-18 10:54

Five Advantages Of Products

  • PCD cutters for Oil & Gas and Mining applications including high impact cutter, abrasion resistance cutter, and general-purpose cutter. Besides standard PCD cutters, we make customized inserts for use in a variety of drilling tools.
  • Our company has the most advanced PCD performance test lab in China targeted on product development for the O&G drilling and mining industry. This enables our company to provide our customers with practical solutions for their PCD cutter needs.
  • Extremely high abrasion resistance
  • high impact resistance
  • sharp and stable

Product Details


Diamond composite sheet (PCD) is a superhard composite material sintered at high temperature and pressure from polycrystalline diamond and hard alloy substrate. It has high wear resistance and strong impact toughness. It is widely used in petroleum drills and geology Drill bit and so on.

The petroleum geological drill bit has the effect of impacting, crushing and shearing the formation rock when drilling into the formation rock because of the existence of the PCD composite sheet; therefore, the PCD bit composite sheet is used on the petroleum geological bit and can be well adapted to Soft, medium and hard strata.

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