PCB Assembly for communication product

Release Date:2019-10-15 14:56

Five Advantages Of Products

  • 1. One stop service for material procurement, bare PCB, PCB Assembly (PCBA), box build...
  • 2. High efficiency, cost saving and continuous process improvement.
  • 3. Quick response ability.
  • 4. No MOQ reirement for orders, we accept flixible orders.
  • 5. Professional and customer-oriented team.

Product Details

Our capabilities and services include:
*Material procurement and management
*Prototype and NPI (new product introduction)
*PCBA (SMT assembly and through hole assembly, in-circuit test , AOI and functional testing)
*Complete Unit assembly (Box building like plastics, metal enclosure etc)
*Logistical management
*Quality assurance

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Landztop Technology Co., Limited

Name: Ethan Lyu

Company Phone: +86 0755-36531880

E-mail: Contact Us

Mobile Phone: +86 13651468726

Website: www.Landztop-pcba.com

Address: B216, Jinyuan Building, Changyong Road, Longhua District, Shenzhen

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