P24 A family of Wall Switch Sensor , up to 10M(33ft)

Release Date:2019-12-15 21:07

Five Advantages Of Products

  • This is an Infrared technology based automatic sensor switch
  • It can be widely used in corridor, bathroom, basement, storage, garage, and other places of automatic lighting.
  • Good solution for energy saving. Automatically turn on while detect people come and turn off while people leave.
  • Easy to install or replace existing switch.
  • Full-auto Human Infrared Sensor Switch.

Product Details

• Material: plastic

• Dimension:86*86*36mm

• Packaging: 1 pc / Color box

• PIR detection:180°

• Motion detection up to 33 ft (10 m)

• No Minimum Load,Maximum Load 800W 

• Power Source: 110~240V/AC  50/60Hz

• Adjustable Time Delay (3Sec-10Min)

• Adjustable Lux Status (10Lux~2000 Lux)

• Miswire protection, reversible line & load connections 

• Self-Contained Relay(s), No Power Pack(s) Required

• Operating Temp.:-10º to 50º C (14º to 122º F )

• Relative Humidity:20 to 75% non-condensing

• Compatible w/ Electronic & Magnetic Ballasts, CFLs, & 

Incandescents,LED light

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