Nylon Braided Micro Cable to USB Charging

Release Date:2019-06-17 14:51

Five Advantages Of Products

  • Durable / Portable / Safe
  • Fast Data Transmission & Charging
  • Supreme compatibility, support most Android phones & tablets.
  • Good flexible, elasticity and toughness.
  • Oxygen-free Copper

Product Details

Nylon Braided Micro Cable to USB Charging

Product Name:Micro USB Cable 

Length:1m / 1.2m / 1.5m / 2m / 3m

Materials:Nylon jacket + Aluminium alloy shell

Color:Pink / Black / White / Gold / Blue/ Rose Red

Usage:For Mobile Phone, Computer

Feature:Durable / Colorful / Portable / Safe 

Packing: 1) Neutral retail box.

             2) ODM/OEM packing is acceptable.


Q1:  What is your company type? Manufacturer or trading company ?


  A:  We are a professional manufacturer with independent factories .


Q2:  What is the MOQ for this data cable?


   A:  MOQ is 100pcs. However, it is flexible as your requirement.


Q3:  Can you provide some customized services ?


A:  Yes, We can customize the length, color and LOGO of the product for you.Customizedcable MOQ is 200pcs(each length or each color) .


Q4:  What payment methods do you accept?


   A:  Bank Transfer and Credit Card.


Q5:  Can I visit your company and factory in China?


   A:  Sure. We are more than happy to receive you in Dongguan and show you around our workplace.

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