Natural extract chaga diabetes lower blood sugar blood fat blood pressure health care tea

Release Date:2019-07-09 15:02

Five Advantages Of Products

  • none-pollutions
  • chaga extracted with modern technolgy
  • remove the impurity
  • no drug residuals
  • no heavy metal

Product Details

Product name:Natural extract chaga  diabetes lower blood sugar blood fat blood pressure health care tea


How to use:1 to 2 bags per day with boiled water to dip in to take it and directly no any tastes

Ingredient: so far, Chaga of

the chemical constituents of pilose antler are polysaccharide and brown birch

Foramicin, betosporin alcohol, a variety of

Oxide triterpenes, tetracylic acid,

A variety of lanosterol type triterpenes

Of, relating to, or relating to, a derivative of folate

Vanoxalic acid, eugenic acid and gamma-hydroxybenzoyl

Acids and tannins have also been reported

Compounds, steroids, alkaloids

Compounds, melanin, low molecular weight

Polyphenols and lignins, etc

215 species.

Functions and effects: treating diabetes, lowering blood pressure, lowering blood lipids, lowering blood sugar, nourishing the liver protecting liver, preventing cancer and anticancer, improving intestines and stomach, enhancing immunity,

Caution: hypoglycemia,pregnant women, lactation, infants and children,injectable antibiotic should be careful

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