Liugong Construction Equipment Crawler Bulldozers Clgb160

Release Date:2019-11-26 14:57

Five Advantages Of Products

  • The whole machine features advanced performance, effective matching of the power transmission system, and high working efficiency
  • With the fuel tank positioned on the left side of the machine body, the ultra-large rear space makes the care and maintenance of steering and brake systems easy.
  • The front arrangement of the working cylinder improves the load- carrying performance, delivering more uniform and safe load- carrying from the frame and front hood.
  • This prevents damage of the transmission system due to the frame being deformed by torsion force, while promoting the performance and reliability of the whole machine.
  • More convenient

Product Details


Operating weight (kg):17000

Dozing capacity (m3):Staight tilt blade 4.5

Engine model :SC11CB184G2B1

Rated power (kw/rpm):120/1850

Gradeability (°):30

Number of carriers (each side):2

Number of track rollers (each side):6

Number of track shoes (each side):37

Width of track shoe (mm):510

Overall Dimensions (LxWxH):6510x3388x3200mm

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