Light Duty - Chrome plated housing with Soft tread TPR wheel

Release Date:2019-10-09 15:10

Five Advantages Of Products

  • Suitable for most kind of application for temperature range from -30° C -80 C. Good resistance to Chemical Acidic or Alkaline corrosion.
  • 65A-Soft tread, Good for demanding of floor protection and quite field application
  • Good performance of wear resistance, Non marking wheel.
  • Durable for long term used.
  • Good visual finished

Product Details



Housing - By forming pressed steel, Chrome plated.

Wheel - 65A - Soft, round tread, coffee color TPR wheel ,  central precision ball bearing and plastic thread guards

Bearing:  Central precision ball bearing

Standard:  passed GB/T 14687-2011industrial caster test standard. 

Field application for:  Office,workshop hospital, supermarket, Etc... indoor or outdoor, conctete or rough gound, good accessory to transport device or machine

Load Capacity:  20-45 kgs, light duty



Fix, plate swivel, plate swivel with brake, thread stem swivel, thread stem swivel with brake


Size: 38mm, 50mm, 75mm

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