LG42 LCD TV original large lens LED backlight strip

Release Date:2019-10-21 20:03

Five Advantages Of Products

  • factory-customized production
  • Professional light source adjustment, better effect
  • Large brand lamp 6V2W lamp beads, stable quality
  • PCB aluminum substrate material, good heat dissipation
  • PCB aluminum substrate material, good heat dissipation

Product Details

1、Model: LG42 inch 4+4LED 6V/2W

2、PCB Size:

   A:400mm*15mm  B:430mm*15mm

3、PCB Thickness: 1.0mm

4、LED:3030 6V/2W

5、Areas of application:

   Television, display screen, advertisement machine, lamp box and panel lamp

6、Support for private customization, fast delivery


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