N95 mask machine

Release Date:2020-07-23 17:08

Five Advantages Of Products

  • FoldingKN95 Gauze mask production machine can be processed at one time.
  • PLC automatic control, servo control, automatic counting.
  • Simple adjusting device, easy to refuel.
  • Aluminum alloy is used in the whole machine, which is beautiful and firm without rust.
  • Advanced feeding and receiving device. High stability and low failure rate.

Product Details

Fay yun: WhatsApp/ Wechat/ Tel :+8618300627768                     

Winnie Wang: WhatsApp/ Wechat/ Tel :+8617703842569             

Mask machine manufacturer, affordable price, excellent product quality, fully automated, without wasting expensive labor costs, simple operation, excellent stability, and guaranteed after-sales service.


Product characteristics: full automation, PLC programming, servo drive, good stability.

Parameters of the latest folding N95 automatic mask machine

Model: XD-ZDN95-01  

Machine size: 4400(L)x 860(W)x 1300(H)mm  

Voltage: 220V  

Production capacity: 40-45pc s/min

Power consumption: 6KW

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