JUKI nozzle

Release Date:2020-07-16 15:59

Five Advantages Of Products

  • Dimensionally stable, shrinkage rate below 0.7%
  • Rigid yield strength is greater than or equal to 92.0MPA
  • Strong self-lubrication, friction coefficient is less than 0.15
  • High temperature resistance, the maximum use temperature is less than 120 degrees
  • Factory direct supply, can be customized, delivery time is fast

Product Details

The key to ensure the quality of suction nozzle

Rigorous tolerance standards

As low as ± 0.02mm concentricity and ± 0.05mm nozzle swing

15 high precision standards determine the excellent pass rate.

Swing of suction nozzle :  ± 0.05mm

Concentricity of suction nozzle :  ± 0.02mm

Air flow tightness : ~ 0 Nm3 / HR to 10 Nm3 / hr

Spring force :  0.05 KGF to 0.06 KGF

Tolerance of total length of suction nozzle :  ± 0.03mm

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