ITO touch sensor

Release Date:2019-07-10 17:45

Five Advantages Of Products

  • New products, new technologies.
  • Professional factory professional production
  • Top 10 Quality Members
  • Regular scientific and technological enterprises shall enjoy state subsidies for science and technology
  • Quality, price is favorable

Product Details

Touch key; Touch sensor; Transparent film touch key; ITO touch capacitor switch. ITO Sensor, touch sensor; Touch Panel.

Now we mainly cooperate with customers such as Casio Electronics Co., Ltd. of Japan, Jinbao Group Co., Ltd. of Taiwan, etc.

Obtain ISO9000 certification;

Our products are widely used in consumer electronics, industrial electrics, household appliances, automotive electronics, communication equipment, toys, medical, display and many other fields.

Our Touch sensor film, capacitor touch keys and other products are specialized production factories. We have many years of professional R&D and manufacturing team. We have introduced technology from Japan, Europe and the United States and other advanced countries. There are more than 2,000 square meters of modern factory buildings, large-scale purification workshop, high-precision CCD positioning printer, precision punching machine, high-precision hydraulic cutting. It is an electronic printing technology factory which integrates R&D, production and sales.

With the guideline of "scientific management, advanced technology, first-class quality, honest service", many years of experience in electronic thin film circuit and continuous breakthroughs in electronic performance, it has rapidly become an excellent supplier of touch-sensitive key switches in the fields of household appliances, electronic industry, industrial electrical and medical equipment.

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