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Five Advantages Of Products

  • Hanrong draws inspiration from Italy, the world's art capital, and integrates Italian culture into its products.
  • You can feel the beauty of symmetry of Francesco Petrarca's sonnets and feel the magnificent imagi-?nation ofltalo Calvino.
  • You can feel the unrestrainedness and edectics of Divine Comedy and feel the romantic and brilDance?of The Decameron.
  • You can feel the magnificence and grandeur of the a ncient Roman architecture, and fed the unique-?ness and ingeniousness of Milan Fashion Week.
  • The worid of Hanrong Italian Serpeggjanto is the world of Italian art.

Product Details

the pattern Is like branch of ancient wood to twist and stretch the space,making the space brighter and wider.

Hanrong is committed to integrating italian culture into stone and space,and is dedicated to creating artworks for every space,presenting Hanrong"s artistic aesthetics and production techniques to everyone

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Fujian Hanrong Stone Co., Ltd

Name: Rinna Zheng

Company Phone: 0595-86968088

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Mobile Phone: 18876556668


Address: 1:Hanrong Factory,Qianwu Industrial Zone,Guanqiao Town,Nan’an City,Fujian Province 2:Gate8,Dongxing Slab Market(Phasell),Shuitou Town,Nan’an City,Fujian Province

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