Hot selling custom large 5 layers logo brand printed kraft paper shipping delivery big carton box

Release Date:2019-11-04 23:35

Five Advantages Of Products

  • Contact UsFavorite DETAILSCONTACT US Five Advantages Of Products Color, Shape and Logo: Color, Shape and Logo
  • Material: Outer liner: white cardboard, coated paper, art paper,duplex paper,fancy paper,recycled paper etc.Inner liner: corrugated paper, kraft paper, special paper etc.
  • Finishing: Glossy or matte lamination, varnish, UV coating, gold or silver stamping, spot UV, embossing, debossing,creasing etc.
  • Usage: Gift,craft,food,apparel,shoes,candy,wine,jewelry,electronic,cellphone,toy,display,CD, cosmetic,shampoo,LED light etc.
  • Printing : CMYK full color offset printing,Panton Color.

Product Details

Product Name: Hot selling custom large 5 layers logo brand printed kraft paper shipping delivery big carton box

Color, Shape and Logo: Welcome Customized

Material: Outer liner: white cardboard, coated paper, art paper,duplex paper,fancy paper,recycled

paper etc.Inner liner: corrugated paper, kraft paper, special paper etc.

Finishing: Glossy or matte lamination, varnish, UV coating, gold or silver stamping, spot UV, embossing,

debossing,creasing etc.

Accessories: Ribbon,Bow,Magnet,Fabric inside,Flocking inside,Foam inside,EVA inside,Blister inside,

Plastic inside,Transparent Window etc.

 Functions: Use for Products packaging,shipping,storage,displaying.

 Artwork: Design files in AI,CDR,PDF format.  

Printing :CMYK full color offset printing,Panton Color.


cosmetic,shampoo,LED light etc.

Size:  L*W*H (cm)---According to customers' specific request. 

Sample Cost:Stock sample available for free.

Sample Time and Bulk Time: Sample Time Around 3-5Working Days;Bulk Time Around 8-15Working Days. 

MOQ : 100pcs, 

Payment Term: T/T,Western Union, Cash, others can be negotiated.50% deposite. 

Shipping: By Air or Sea. If Choose by Air.

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