Hight quality 4W coloful LED spiral filament bulb light

Release Date:2019-12-23 17:07

Five Advantages Of Products

  • long life
  • high quality
  • save power
  • led
  • OEM is welcome

Product Details

Hight quality 4W coloful LED spiral filament bulb light


Model and Color for choose: 

T180-Egg,Pink blue,

T180-Egg,Gradeient pink,

T220- Egg, Gradient blue,

T220-Egg,Pink dark,

T180-Egg,Blue dark,


T180-Egg,Gradient blue,



T180-Egg,Aqua blue

T180-Egg,Amber dark


LUMEN: 20-350LM
CCT: 1600-2700K
VOLATGE: 120/230V
SIZE: 170×270MM


  1. Have a professional R & D team and more than 15 years of factory production experience,OEM is welcome;

  2. LED filament bulbs can be made to deliver very warm temperatures down between 1400k to 2800K and in addition they are available with amber coated or other color coated glass to provide an even warmer cosy vintage look.

  3. LED filament bulbs are available in all of the classic bulb shapes , and others to suit all styles of light fittings. They can be dimmable or non-dimmable.

  4. LED filament bulbs have all of the advantages of regular LED bulbs over other types of bulbs, including, massive energy savings, very long life-time, environmentally friendly, no mercury content (as in CFL bulbs), not UV or IR radiation, no heat fromt he light source, instant ON light, excellent CRI (colour rendering), compatibility with smart lighting technology, etc.

  5. LED filament lamps are highly popular with professional Interior Designers and Architects.


LED filament bulbs are ideal for the hospitality industry where soft comfortable environments are required, such as in restaurants, bars, cafes, hotel reception areas. They are also excellent for homes where a warm cosy atmosphere is desired. LED filament bulbs are a natural match for traditional lanterns and classic heritage style light fittings where a nostalgic effect is important. LED filament bulbs brings the best of both world to lighting, cutting-edge LED technology with no compromise to light quality and ambience. LED filament lamps are highly popular with professional Interior Designers and Architects.




Rongsheng lighting was founded in 2014, located in Dongguan city of Guangdong province, which professional in LED filament light, Decorative LED, LED string lights and LED switch dimmer.etc

Our factory is about 5,000 square meters, employed more than 100 skilled workers and 3 production lines. Rongsheng lighting has advanced R&D team, strong technical force and rich technical experience. We have BSCI, CE, ROHS, LVD, EMC certification etc. And we have been widely sold to many European countries, USA and Middle East etc. We put lots of efforts every year to continue developing new models. Some of our model have got design patents and win lots of market shares.

Our goal is Scientific management, the pursuit of excellence, Customer first and keep developing. We strive to provide you with high quality products and best service.

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