Hight pressure hose

Release Date:2020-07-13 16:11

Five Advantages Of Products

  • API spec 16D & SY/T 5053-2007 standard
  • It is resistant to acid, alkali and corrosion.
  • Professional supporting services to meet after-sales needs
  • Reasonable price and high cost performance
  • High quality, many years of manufacturing experience has been successfully applied to large enterprises such as PetroChina

Product Details

Scope of application

Boiler plant, cement plant, iron and steel plant, smelting plant, incineration plant, thermal power plant, nuclear power plant, air conditioning and air supply system, glass plant, mineral wool industry, petrochemical enterprise, gas cleaning plant, fan factory and all places in the industry where pressure and flexibility are required, and compensators (expansion joints) must be installed.

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