Waterproof SMD LED Slim Flood Light 50W 100W 150W 200W 300W

Release Date:2020-01-11 15:10

Five Advantages Of Products

  • Founded in 2008 with more than Export lighting experience
  • Specialized in Commercial&industrial lighting
  • 5-8 New products are launched each year
  • Factory covers 4500 square meters,monthly capacity 50,000pcs
  • We have own SMD chips&driver production line,can control delivery time&quality well

Product Details

3 Years warranty IP 65 LED flood light

1. Housing:Die-casting Aluminum

2. LED type:SMD or COB

3. CRI:more than 80,90 is for option

4. Power factor:more than 0.95

5. Surge Rrotection is between 2.5KV to 6KV

6. Driver:Dong or Meanwell brand


8. CE and RoHS Certification.

9. 2 years warranty for our customers,3 years and 5 years for option

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zhongshan lobot lighting co.ltd

Name: Jojo zhang

Job Title: sales manager

Department: sales department

Company Phone: +86 760 22322457

E-mail: Contact Us

Mobile Phone: +86 18680585559

Website: www.lobotlight.com

Address: 4th Floor Indus,H# Building,ZhenBao Industrial park,TongYi Industrial,GuZhen Town,ZhongShan  city,GuangDong province,China.

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