Hexagon head screws

Release Date:2020-05-15 19:37

Five Advantages Of Products

  • 1. Lower than the upper surface without interference with other positions
  • 2. Reduce the overall volume
  • 3. Labor saving and better fastening of screws
  • 4. Easy to install and disassemble
  • 5. Small and exquisite

Product Details

Description BRT nominal diameter (screw nominal diameter)

BRT screw pitch

Number of BRT thread ferrules when BRT is in free state

The diameter of the rotating head is selected when the BRT bolt is drilled

BRT screw sleeve in free state, BRT thread sleeve outer diameter

BRT insert nominal length

Nominal depth of BRT insert

Effective thread length of internal thread hole for BRT bolt installation

Maximum screw in depth when br "shank is not removed

Effective length of time threaded hole after installation of BRT insert

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