HDPE hot melt adhesive powder

Release Date:2020-03-20 16:15

Five Advantages Of Products

  • Production scale advantages: Scale advantage: It is the largest HDPE hot melt adhesive powder production base in China, with an annual production capacity of 50,000 tons.
  • Raw material advantages: Established long-term and stable cooperation relationship with four suppliers of South Korea's LG Chemical, Lotte Chemical, Shandong Qilu Petrochemical and Beijing Yanshan Petrochemical.
  • Production technology advantages: The production process adopts fully enclosed, internally homogenized series production, systematic dust collection, low loss and no pollution. Patent number: Z1201220487513.6.
  • Quality advantage: The quality of the product is stable and has good fluidity; the particle size is normally distributed, and it is not easy to bleed. The particles are approximately spherical under a microscope, without fibers, and the quality completely reaches the advanced level of similar foreign products. The interlining cloth produced by this product is bright and uniform, has a good feel, has excellent resistance to dry cleaning, water washing and sand washing, and has strong adhesion.
  • Price advantage: Our factory is near to raw materials suppliers that saves production costs and transportation costs.

Product Details

HDPE is divided into PE200, PE200LR, PE80, PE160 and other models. Mainly used in automotive interior parts, fabric interlining, non-ironing fabrics and non-woven fabrics. Among them, PE200LR was jointly developed by our factory and the earliest interlining manufacturer in China. It is used for ironing-free fabric products and has been purchased and used by a number of interlining companies at home and abroad.

HDPE hot melt adhesive powder is produced using imported raw materials, new advanced technology and equipment. The product is non-toxic, odorless and solvent-free, does not pollute the environment, has high scientific and technological content, reliable quality, strict testing and wide range of uses. It is suitable for printing and binding, cables, refrigerators, furniture, electronics, clothing shirts, toys and other industries. It has fast speed and strong adhesion, and can realize large-scale automated production.

Main application: Suitable for all kinds of pulp, powder, dusting, coating and spraying machine products; widely used in clothing, clothing fabric compounding, shoemaking, packaging, books, wireless binding, children's toys, home appliances and other industries .

The company's products are used to produce hot-melt adhesives (in powder or dispersant form) for men, women, children's clothing, automobiles and shoes, and are applied to lining or non-woven fabrics by special machinery. The material treated in this way is bonded to another layer of fabric by heat pressing. This processing method can eliminate the time-consuming sewing process, and the clothes have good shape and firmness, and remain unchanged after multiple dry cleaning and water washing. 

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