Floor lamp with laser cut black fabric shade

Release Date:2019-08-15 18:58

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Product Details


floor lamp

socket: 1*E27, bulb not included

shade: D40cm outside black inside gold

lamp size: D40*H160cm

finish: satin nickel

cable: 1.8m black PVC cable with in line on/off foot switch + euro plug

About us:

        Dongguan Bright Best Lighting Co., Ltd (BBL), is a fast growing professional lighting manufacturer, It was officially found in 2014,   located in Shilong Town, Dongguan, Guangdong, china.

   BBL produces spotlight, table lamp, floor lamp, ceiling mount, pendant lamp and downlight etc, Our  main export market is  Europe, America, Australia, Africa , Main customers are  multinational well-known chain stores , importors, and internet enterprises.

       BBL has  a  stong team of experienced engineers to design, develop fashionable and safe lighting fixtures. Our products got international certificates like TUV, CE, BS, SAA, GS, BV approval and UL (cUL), ETL. 

     We have 8 modern production lines, more than 20 sets of various manufacturing and testing equipment. The daily output reaches 10000pcs, produce more than 300 kinds of lamps of different type every year.

      BBL covers an area of about 6000 square meters, and we have around 100 skillful employees, we will cooperate with you to develop new products and provide  our best service.

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Dongguan Bright Best Lighting co., Ltd


Job Title: boss

Company Phone: +86 0769 86601006

E-mail: Contact Us

Mobile Phone: +86 13602726876

Website: www.dglylighting.com

Address: Building C , WangWuZhou industry building, ShuiYuanLu, WangWuZhou village, ShiLong Town, DongGuan GuangDong

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