Field effect tube

Release Date:2020-05-09 11:45

Five Advantages Of Products

  • 1.High Current, high power, suitable for the later stage of 1.5 kw inverter.
  • 2.High Current, high power, suitable for the later stage use of 2KW INVERTER.
  • 3.High Power, high voltage. Suitable for switching power supply.
  • 4.High Power, high voltage. Suitable for the later use of 1KW INVERTER.High Current, low internal resistance, suitable for electric vehicle controller.
  • 5.High Current, low internal resistance, suitable for the use of inverters.High Current, low open. Suitable for the front of inverter.

Product Details

Products include 30-1000v MOSFET, 10a-80a, 100-400v Schottky and fast recovery diode, 600-1200v IGBT.

The products are widely used in switching power supply, inverter, electric vehicle, automotive electronics, LED lighting, home appliances, lithium battery protection, audio power amplifier, drive motor and other fields. All products meet the environmental protection requirements of RoHS and reach regulations of the European Union.

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