Extreme Sports Sneaker Solution for One of The Foam Applications (ACF)

Release Date:2019-11-23 11:35

Five Advantages Of Products

  • Has a strong rebound ability, can rebound more than 85% of the power
  • Good compatibility on all kinds of road surfaces, play a role in anti-skid and anti-drop
  • Very wear resistant, permanent deformation less than or equal to 5%
  • Absorb sweat to keep your feet from getting stuffy
  • Add special deodorant raw materials, no odor

Product Details

ACF material is a high-performance material that can absorb more than 90% of the impact force, instantly transforming the impact force into inconspicuous heat energy. This material is built into the insole to protect the human body to the maximum extent and reduce the body's movement. The risk of injury. At the same time, the ACF foam material has the functions of breathable, sweat-absorbing and antibacterial, and can effectively solve the problem of a large amount of sweat in the foot after exercise.

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