External rotor air conditioner condenser evaporator ice maker heat sink cold storage fan net cover type fan

Release Date:2020-01-07 17:25

Five Advantages Of Products

  • long operating life
  • low vibration
  • low noise
  • easy installation
  • fastest delivery time

Product Details

power: 200W-900W

voltage: 220-380V/50Hz

speed: 960-1400RPM

current: 1.33-4.78A

capacitor: 10-12uF

We can make the blower according to your requirements, please feel free to contact us.

Zhejiang Siye Motor Co., Ltd has been a rich experience manufacturer of custom OEM and ODM ac centrifugal fan, ac electric motor, ac fan motor in the industry.We mainly develop single-phase AC motors with capacitor starting and running. Our products are widely used in power tools, household appliance, commercial equipment, and small industrial machines. The company obtained the ISO9001:2015 international quality system certification. Over the past decade, the products of AC electric motor and other products passed the “CE"certification. With excellent product quality and technological advantages, our company accumulated international customers based in Europe, America,Southease Asia, South Africa, East Asia, and Australian, building good cooperation with all of the customers.Nowadays, We are making our greatest efforts in technology, quality, and production, to provide more efficient services to our clients in electric appliances.

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