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Five Advantages Of Products

  • 1. Lisheng Mould is oriented to the needs of customers, and can provide a one-stop service for plastic mold customization and product generation.
  • 2. The technical team is experienced in the industry and provides the best solution.
  • 3. High production efficiency, on-time delivery, can provide rapid experimental mold production.
  • 4. High precision molds, precision molds meet the needs of high-end products.
  • 5. The same price, the best cost performance, first-class quality.

Product Details

Our factory produces a variety of high quality products for automotive parts molds, motorcycle complete vehicle molds, smart home appliance molds, daily necessities molds, lamp molds, battery shell molds, environmental waste bin molds, various types of turnover box molds, plastic tables and chairs molds,tableware molds,most precision molds ect.

Lisheng MoUld will whole heart devoted to every step,in the mold production to delivery, the entire process, feedback weekly, let you feeling participating in the whole process. We manage to provide you with quality and efficient services.

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Taizhou Huangyan Lisheng Mould Co.,Ltd.

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Address: NO.26,Kangqiang Road,Beicheng street, Huangyan district,Taizhou city,Zhejiang province,China.

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