Electronic Swipe Card Door Access Control RFID Card Electronic Smart Hotel Door Lock System

Release Date:2020-03-25 09:52

Five Advantages Of Products

  • Fit for 30-70mm thickness door
  • Free software
  • SUS 304 panel
  • 2 cards free
  • safe

Product Details

 Product parameters

Color: silver, black, red, gold

Material: 304 stainless steel

Unlock mode: swipe to unlock

Lock core grade: full copper lock core

Sensing distance: 0-5 cm

Working voltage: 6Vdc, 4 alkaline batteries

Card specifications: M1FARE-1 card / T555 / EM430 / apartment ID board

Door thickness: 30-55mm

Scope of application: hotels, schools, offices, etc.

Warranty period: 1 year


What  SERVICE we can provide?

1. Warranty time: 2 years

2. After-sale service: full life.


3.Bluetooth lock can be customized interface; logo; apartment hotel card lock can be customized software language, logo.

4. Warranty rules

a. Artificial damage will be not in warranty rules.

b. When the goods damage, the customer need to show the correct SN with a video, if it is firmware problem, we will try to solve it by sending customers firmware or remotecontrol operating. If it is hardware plate, customers need to send the broken parts back to my company, and then we will send the replace parts to u in vour next order, if u need them urgently, we will send u asap.

C. All charge in warranty rules will be paid by my company, customer need to follow the rules my company require when the goods or replace parts sending back.

d. All support will be free in the warranty time, we will support after the warranty time also,but hardware replacement will be charged, firmware problem will be always free.

e.More details will be discussed in the future both sides.



Above all, Smart lock from Shenzhen Cardoria Technology Co., Ltd. is Provide for your own special, your inquiry as your needs very welcomed.


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