Cylinder embroidery machine series

Release Date:2019-12-02 13:09

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Product Details

Machine function:  Cap embroidery, Finished garment embroidery , Flat embroidery.

Computer Model:   A18  Dahao 10inch touch screen.

Main servo motor. XY stepping motor. Maxmium speed 1000rpm.

Included Cap frame, Finished garment frame and Flat aluminum frame.

          Model              Head     Needle      Emb.Space    Machine dimension  Weight

CT904/1204/1504         4        9/12/15     400*450mm      2.5*0.93*1.7m         900kg

CT906/1206/1506         6        9/12/15     400*450mm      3.3*0.93*1.7m         1100kg

CT908/1208/1508         8        9/12/15     400*450mm      4.1*0.93*1.7m         1450kg

CT910/1210/1510        10       9/12/15     400*450mm      6.12*1.4*1.7m         2500kg

CT912/1212/1512        12       9/12/15     400*450mm      6.9*1.4*1.7m           3200kg    

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