Office Supplies Multi Colour Double Layer Children Pencil Case

Release Date:2019-06-24 17:49

Five Advantages Of Products

  • Well-known brand, quality and after-sales guarantee.
  • Unique product. New in your market. New opportunity. No competition.
  • Market-tested product, selling 1,500,000 pieces in just 4 months.
  • Not only a pencil case, but gifts & crafts.
  • Own factory, OEM accepted. Low MOQ, one piece customized.

Product Details

1、ABS Plastic made,strong magnetic buckle,hard-to-fall.

2、Built-in mirror ,detachable solar calculator and erasable whiteboard.

3、Size is 18.2cm × 6.7 cm, large capacity. 

4、Not only is it a pencil caes, it can also be use as glasses box or a make-up case.

5、Simple and stylish style,variety of patterns. One piece customized,printing your own photos on it.

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