Charcoal BBQ Grill1081

Release Date:2019-11-01 09:02

Five Advantages Of Products

  • convenient
  • smoke-free
  • eco-friendly
  • easy installation
  • easy maintenance

Product Details

Product name:         Charcoal BBQ Grill

Model Number: SC1081

Size :                       74Lx34Wx70H cm

Metal Type:         Stainless Steel

Metal color:         Silver

Mesh:                 Zinc plated

Lid :                       Non

Handles:                 Foldable

Certificate:         CE/FDA/LFGB/GS/RoHs etc..

Finishing:                 Non

Usage:                 Party,House,Garden,Picnic,Camping etc..

Feature:                  Easily Cleaned, Foldable, Portable, Non-Stick

Quality inspection: 100% QC inspection,100% Full-inspeciton

Packing:                  Standard K=K carton or customer's requirement

QTY/CTN:          1 each/CTN

Sample charge Depends on the products

Sample lead time: 5-7 days

MOQ:                 200pcs

Others:                 OEM and ODM availble

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Address: R201,B24,Aidi Park,Wanjiang District, Dongguan City 523000,Guangdong,China

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