Brake pads (OE: 958 351 939 30 )

Release Date:2019-09-26 18:04

Five Advantages Of Products

  • OEM and ODM are available.DFM & Mold flow before start making.
  • Deliver on time and supply the quality right with 24 hours production(two shifts).Weekly report with picture for production manufacturing.
  • High quality with competitive prices.(Direct factory price)
  • Well known internatioal standards,and have rich experience of 30 years of international sales with good reputation.
  • Help buyers by all kinds of supports

Product Details

Description : Brake Pad Set / YHJ: YHJ-01-031 / Front Axle / Brake System : Brembo / Width : 209.5 mm / Height : 94.6 mm / Thickness : 17.1 mm / OE: 958 351 939 30 /


For use : PORSCHE

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