Bay & Bow Windows

Release Date:2019-10-29 16:25

Five Advantages Of Products

  • Place of Origin: Guangdong, China (Mainland)
  • Size: Cutomized
  • Hardware: Germany Origin Made Brand ROTO/SIEGENIA Hardware&Access
  • Profile thickness: 1.2mm–3.0mm
  • Screens: Fixed and Retractable Insect/Solar Screens are Optional

Product Details

Profile :

1. Hign quality aluminum alloy profiles, thickness 1.2-2.0mm

2. Excellent quality thermal break aluminum profiles 

3. PVC / UPVC material 


White / Sliver / Grey / Champagne / Black / Wood grain/ Special color avaiable

Glass Type

1. Single toughened glazing: 6mm / 8mm / 10mm / 12mm

2. Double toughened glazing: 5+12A+5mm / 6+12A+6mm

3. Laminated glazing: 5+0.38PVB+5mm / 6+0.76PVB+6mm

4. Low-E glazing: Green / Blue / Brown / Golden

5. Other glazing: frosted glass / crystal glass / art glass


1. Aluminum security mesh

2. Stainless steel security mesh

3. Solid iron security mesh

4. Mosquito net (Nylon, Stainless steel, Diamond)


1. Germany brand

2. American brand

3. Chinese brand 

Surface Treatment:

1. Anodizing

2. Powder coating

3. Electrophoresis

4. Fluorocarbon paint

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