Anti-glare UGR<16 linkable solution without screws LED linear light for office classroom shopping mall fashion shop

Release Date:2020-06-29 16:11

Five Advantages Of Products

  • linkable solution without screws, customized length, maxium link to 40 meters.
  • private mould.
  • Anti-glare design, friendly to eyes.
  • highly cost effective.
  • 13 kinds of beam angle.

Product Details

Model number: LL40

Size: L891/L1186/L1480 *W40* H68MM

Power: 40-60W

Lumen efficiency: 100lm/w



PF: 0.95

Voltage: 220-240VAC 50/60Hz

Beam angle: 60 degree/2*20 degree/35 degree.


Warranty: 3-5 Years warranty

IP: IP20

Color: White/ black

mount type: ceiling/suspension/track

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