7 inches Dual-Cameras Face Recognition Smart Terminal

Release Date:2019-07-05 14:18

Five Advantages Of Products

  • >>.7 inches screen, Dual- Cameras with capacitive touch screen
  • >>.Support Face Visible Light, IR Face recognition Smart algorithms, Live detection
  • >>.Support identification in various harsh conditions, dark, weak, and shine light
  • >>.Ultra slim Aluminum alloy shell, Beautiful appearance and fashionable, metal body, curve design smooth.
  • >>.High-quality material, Friction, anti-static, anti-corrosion, stable & durable

Product Details

Dual-cameras face recognition smart terminal is a functional, advanced designed recognition device. Hardware use Rockchip Quad-core CPU, 1080p wide dynamic visible light camera, 720p IR camera, 7 inches screen with multi-touch PCAP touch screen, strong performance with convenient operation. The shell uses whole- Aluminum alloy CNC tech, graceful fashionable & durable.


Android 5.1 OS, convenient for software developing and integration solution. Support smart algorithms both for face visible light recognition & IR recognition, live detection supported, automatic white light compensation.

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