7.4V Handheld Vibration Massager Massage Gun Muscle Relax Massager

Release Date:2020-03-09 10:21

Five Advantages Of Products

  • 6 level vibration method
  • Muscle relax
  • 4 heads suitable for different body parts
  • 4 colors suitable for all of men and women
  • Rechargeable, easy to carry

Product Details

Product details:

Product name: Massage gun 

Product G.W./N.W.: 1.18 kgs 

Product size: 31.5*22*7.5 cm

Product color: Black/Blue/Sliver/Red 

Battery voltage: 8.4V 

Motor voltage : 7.4 V 

Charge About :2 h 

Usage time : 2-5 h 

Qty per carton :16 pcs 

Carton size: 62*46*33 cm 

Carton G.W./N.W.: 20/19 KGS

Our Handheld vibration massager is very popular in European.The function is relax muscle after exercise. It has 6 levels vibrating model and 4 kinds of massage head to adjust to different body port.Nowadays more and more people like do exercise ,but will be muscle soreness after exercise. This product can help relax the muscle to decrease the pain.We can provide you this product with the high quality and best price. 

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