688L dimmable and CCT tunning led desk lamp with usb

Release Date:2019-12-19 17:09

Five Advantages Of Products

  • Strong Aluminum Body+ABS Material
  • B/T 9473-2008 Reading And Writing Standard
  • Rotatable Flexable in Large Light Angle Adjustment
  • 12 Dimmable And 12 Color Temperature Adjustment,
  • USB Port Charging For Your Mobile Parts

Product Details

Parameters for SL-688L
Input Voltage:100-240Vac
Light Source:San'An LED Smd2835
Luminous Flux: 500-550lm
CRI:≥85(Can be customized)     
Material: LG ABS+Al6063
Certification: CE Rohs CCC

Function Description
*Dimmable : 12 different brightness levels optional.
*CCT Tuning : 12 different color temperatures optional.
*USB : With USB interface, can charge your smart phone.
*4 lighting modes : 5-shortcut touch control for different occasion.
*Time Delay:Lamp will turn off automaticly after 45mins.

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