55inch 1.7 mm bezel 500 NIT Samsung LCD Video Walls Monitor Display for Command Center,Shopping Mall and Chain Store

Release Date:2020-03-15 00:43

Five Advantages Of Products

  • Industrial-grade Screen with Stable Performance
  • 178°(H/V) Wide Viewing Angle
  • 3D Comb Filter Image Processing to Create Vivid Image
  • User-Friendly Monitor ID setting.
  • Auto Temperature Calibration System

Product Details

Quick Details.

Digional Size: 55 inch

Panel Brand: Samsung

View Angle: 178°(H)/178°(V)

Brightness:500 Nit

Frame Width(T/B/L/R):1.15mm/0.55mm/1.15mm/0.55mm

Bezel to Bezel :1.7mm

Port Interface: 1*HDMI,1*DVI,1*DP Loop(optional),1*CVBS,RJ45(RS232)loop connection.

Bracket type: Floor Upstanding/ Front Access/Wall Mount

Outline Dimension:1213.5mm* 684.3mm*120mm.

Gross Weight:40KG

Export Package

Inside Package: Special Honeycomb Carton Box

Outside Package : plywood box

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