4.3 inch Touch Screen Industrial Monitor WinCE Industrial Panel Computer

Release Date:2019-09-03 16:03

Five Advantages Of Products

  • Supporting CAN bus to facilitate the construction of fieldbus network for customers.
  • Front panel IP65, designed according to industry standard.
  • Secondary development is simple and easy.
  • High stability, 7 x 24 hours without shutdown.
  • Communication interfaces RS232 and 485 for multi-industry use.

Product Details

Product model  WLT-043R-NP00

Basic   parameters

CPU:  ARM9 architecture,frequency 300MHZ

Memory:  64MB DDR2

Flash: 256MB NandFlash

Display   screen

Size: 4.3 inch

 Resolution: 480×272

Wide-temperature type,64K colors or 260K colors

 LED backlight: lifetime > 25000 hours

Touch   screen  4-wire resistance touch screen(driver inside)

Hardware   interface

 1 channel DB9 interface(COM1)

1 channel 3-wire RS-232 serial port(COM2)

2 channel RS-485 interface(COM3 COM7),COM3   is a multiplexing of CAN , COM3 as standard .

1 channel CAN bus(driver inside) multiplex as RS-485-COM3 (optional)

1 channel USB Device interface, support   ActiveSync connect to PC to exchange data and debug application.

2 channel USB Host interface,support usual USB device such as mouse , keyboard, U disk , etc

1 channel 100M Ethernet interface

1 channel SD/MMC slot, support TF   card

1 channel External WIFI module(optional)

1 channel DC12V~24V, industrial   power solution,higher   reliability.

OS  Windows CE 6.0 R3

Defend degree  IP65 (front panel)

Working   Environment

 Power:DC 12V~24V

working Temperature:-10~60℃   

storage temperature:-20~85℃

working humidity:10~90%RH


shell structure: plastic

panel size:139.6 x 86.6 (mm)

trepanning size:131.2 x 79.2(mm)

Application   area

industrial control,detection device,instruments and meters,security monitoring,medical apparatus and instruments, intelligent   terminals embedded high-end application.

Support CAN bus network deployment.

Software   support

Flash power-down   protection function.

 IDE: Visual Studio   2005/2008.net(.net 2.0 Compact), EVC++, Labview development.

 Easy change the user-defined splash   screen.

Support display screen rotation (degree:   0/90/180/270).

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