3-ply Adult Disposable Daily Protective Face Mask

Release Date:2020-03-15 16:31

Five Advantages Of Products

  • Face Mask with CE Certificate and FDA Certificate
  • Factory good quality wholesales price
  • Meet the role of ASTM F2100-11 Lever I disposable face mask
  • 3-ply,4-folder comfortable design
  • Fiberglass free hypoallergenic material, Full length PVC concealed nose piece

Product Details

Daily Disposable face mask

• BFE> 98%@3 micron

• PFE> 98%@0.1 micron

• Resistance to penetration by synthetic blood—80mmHg

Mask Specification:

Material:25gsm PPSB outer layer+ 22gsm Meltblown filtration middle layer + 25gsm PPSB inner layer

• 3-ply,4-folder comfortable design

• Fiberglass free hypoallergenic material

• Full length PVC concealed nose piece

• Packing: 50pcs per pack, 2000pcs or 4000pcs per carton.

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