2020 best selling portable extra large dirty clothes basket toyts container laundry storage basket cotton rope basket

Release Date:2020-07-15 12:24

Five Advantages Of Products

  • modern home storage organization linen decorative
  • Modern family adornment receives basket
  • flower pot weaves basket
  • Top Quality Promotional Custom Small Basket For Fl
  • Factory made,hand-weaving and machine-sewing.

Product Details

Welcome everybody to our website. We are Shandong Xiangniu Crafts Co., Ltd. Here is a brief introduction to our factory. 


Our products are straw baskets. The main materials are corn rope, paper rope, cattail rope, banana rope and cotton rope. With various combinations of colours and shapes, the baskets are made by hand-weaving and machine-sewing. They can be used as storage tools for family, office, picnic, and even flower pots and so on. The product is an excellent choice for modern home decoration which is environmentally friendly, pollution-free and easy to take care of. You can also customize the straw baskets according to your preferences and needs. 


We are a professional manufacturer of household storage baskets, and we have an advantage in price. Welcome everyone to negotiate and consult. 


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