#1901-Stand Collar Shirt

Release Date:2019-08-14 22:52

Five Advantages Of Products

  • Contrast Color design for stand collar,Sleeve opening,pocket and button to make the clothes more fashion
  • Slim Fitting to make you in high spirits
  • Multipurpose Use - Ideal for home or business use. Well-suited for Coffee Shop, Kitchen, Bar, Bakery, Hotel
  • Black/Red/Orange/Coffee 4 colorways stock available
  • Unisex size range from S~3XL

Product Details

100%Polyester,Soft fabric 

Unisex size range from S~3XL,

Black/Red/Orange/Coffee 4 colorways stock available

WASHING METHOD-The shirts is both hand and machine washable, hand wash recommended.

We can print your own logo on the clothes.

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